Golden "Wise Rabbit" backpack with red and brown details



ü      High quality backpack from artificial leather

ü      The backpack is decorated with a tassel and a runic symbol Ignuz, which means ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’ It seems that this backpack encourages you to pursue your dreams or aims

ü      At the front of the backpack, there is a large and functional pocket with a zip

ü      The length of shoulder straps from the back to bottom loops is adjustable and is around 60-80 cm

ü      Inside the backpack, there is one large compartment, a large reinforced pocket and a small pocket with a zip where you can put small things

ü      The lining of the backpack is from a firm woven fabric

ü      The backpack contains a spiral zip; thus, you can open it broadly until the bottom and put everything conveniently

ü      The backpack can be your accessory as well as it can accommodate an iPad, a book or a laptop. The size of the backpack may be chosen according to your needs.

ü      In order to assess the size of the backpack visually, we recommend to take its measurements:



-     Height – 36 cm

-      Length – 29 cm

-      Width of bottom – 4 cm


-      Height – 44 cm

-      Length – 36 cm

-      Width of bottom – 5 cm


-      Height – 47 cm

-      Length – 39 cm

-      Width of bottom – 6 cm

The shades of the items in the photos might be slightly different because of technical parameters of the screens.

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